A new life for your dog starts here

 If you would like to have a better relationship with your pet, really understand what it is trying to comunicate, or if you would like a little discipline at home, we can help you. By way training, you can develop a strong bond with your dog.


What does your dog need?

 When you undestand what your dog needs you will definitely have a better relationship with him and enjoy his company even more. This is a process takes time, but i am certain that it will be worth it, and it will allow you to start a new life with your pet.


 With good training we can ensure that the dog acquires a good psychological balance, while at the same time, we are avoiding the appearance of any unnecessary conduct.

 We cannot expect our dog to do something we haven't already trained it to do.

Is it necessary that all dogs should be trained?

 Of course it is. At times we are of the belief that training is exclusively limited to working dogs such Assistance Dogs, Police Dogs or Hunting. This is not so. Training is a way to educate a dog, and I am going to explain to you my philosophy regarding our four legged friends.


 My ideal is to be able to go wherever we like with our dogs and enjoy their company without their behaviour causing problems for us or anyone else.