A lot of times it has happened to me that on arrivel al a place I have been confronted with looks of disapproval, because people are not accustomed to the fact that one can go to different places, such as restaurants, banks, or shops with their pets. However, minutes later when they see that my dogs behave correctly the looks turn to those of curiosity as well as acceptance. This is why I think that we need to take the first steps towards an animal conscious society, in wich animals form part of our daily lives and are not mere objects that wait around all day for a five minute walk. It is possible to enjoy our dogs on a day to day basis.

 From my point of view, it is equally annoying that a person gives a disdainful look, as a person that doen't make sure that their dog behaves in a civilized manner.

 Dog owners need to understand that not eveybody sees animal in the same way. A lot of people have had bad experiencies or simply don't share our point of view. For these reasons we must be responsible and always keep our dogs under control.  


 Having dogs can become a source of satisfaction, try to teach yours and you will see that I am rigth.


 Titles obtained:

 Trainer of Assistance Dogs specializing in cerebral aplsy, spin bifida, autistic children  or different types of disabilities.

 Educator of dogs in signals for hearing disabilities.

 Professional trainer "expert" in clicker.

 Professionaly trained in search and rescue, drug detection, "expert" in security dogs. First in the promotion of Security Dogs, title obtained from for the first dog security company in Spain.


 Keen enthusiast of Ethology (study of animal behaviour). Assistance at innumerable seminars in wich we would like to excel: Ethology of Dog & Wolf by David Nieto Mecein, expert in conduct modification.

 Guide Dog Seminar with Eloy Aranda.

 BAT: Behavior Adjustment Training.

 Yes&Clicker: Pere Saavedra (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3).

 OCI Seminar with Fernando Silva.

 Canine Psychology Seminar for Educators. With Luis Souto y Katya Vázquez.

 Accreditation to impart training centers, updating and training of private security personnel canine guides issued by The Ministry of Interior.

 Introduction to Sports detection Seminar. (R.D.P.D)

 Obedience Seminar FCI (OCI) with Silvia Cacciatore.

 World Trainer Forum Seminar by Francis Metcalf: Creative Training and Advanced Skills.